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FBC - Richmond

Pastor Lockhart's Sunday Sermond
Pastor John Lockhart

$500.00     Deposit given to secure date (to be refunded)

$1,350.00  Remainder to be paid thirty (30) days prior to the wedding 



$500.00     Deposit (Will be refunded thirty days after the wedding if all conditions are met)

$1000.00   Use of sanctuary

$150.00    Church Coordinator (Rehearsal, and Wedding - Total of 8-hours)

$125.00    Sound Technician (Rehearsal and Wedding - Total of 6-hours)

$75.00      Facility Coordinator (Rehearsal and Wedding - Total of 6 hours)

Note : If Church Coordinator, Sound Technician, or Facility Coordinator work additional hours, the charge is $12.50 per hour for each individual.


Reception in the Fellowship Hall / Gymnasium

$100.00     Set-up and cleaning fee


Other Possible Fees

Pianist       Securing and paying the pianist is your responsibility

Organist     Securing and paying the organist is your responsibility

Soloist       Securing and paying the soloist is your responsibility


Explanation of Duties

The Church Coordinator is required to be at any function involving the use of our facilities. The Church Coordinator is not responsible for coordinating the rehearsal or ceremony, but assistance can be given. The pastor of First Baptist Church will help design the service as a part of the pre-marital work.

A Sound Technician from First Baptist Church is needed if any music requires the use of microphones, tapes, and/or CDs.

The Facility Coordinator is responsible for arranging furniture in the sanctuary, bride's room, groom's room, or reception area.



In case of cancellation, the Church Coordinator's fee and the Facility Coordinator's fee will not be refunded (total $225.00). One month cancellation would be appreciated for a congenial full refund of the deposit.

If the wedding is cancelled within less than a month of its proposed date, $170.00 will be paid to the Church Coordinator and Facility Coordinator.  The remainder of the deposit ($330.00) will be returned along with any other payments made. 


First Baptist Church - Richmond 
502 S 5th Street
Richmond, TX  77469

PH: 281-342-8664  

First Baptist Church - Richmond

502 S 5th Street, Richmond, TX 77469 
PH: 281-342-8664   FAX: 281-232-2773
Office Hours: 10:00am-3:00pm Monday and Friday; 8:30am-5:00pm Tuesday through Thursday

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