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A wedding is a great event in the lives of two families. It is a treasure to have the wedding ceremony preserved by a photographer. We are grateful for you being able to use your art and work for the sake of the families' memory.

A marriage ceremony is also a worship service. As such, the service should have as much dignity as possible.

We have a few rules for the photographer and videographer to follow.

Information for the Photographer

1.  You are allowed to take pictures of the family members and wedding party as they are ushered in. It is understood that these pictures cannot be reset to capture the moment.

2.  The only pictures allowed during the ceremony are from the back without a flash. It has been found that your flash seems to give permission to other photographers to take pictures. This is a disturbance to the ceremony.

3.  You may take a flash picture of the kiss.

4.  At no time are you allowed to be in the choir loft, baptistry, or in the front of the congregation taking pictures.

5.  You may take pictures as the couple, wedding party, and family recess.

6.  Pictures such as the exchange of the ring, lighting of the unity candle, and soloists can be reset after the ceremony.

Information for the Videographer

1.  You are to use a tripod for your camera.

2.  You may set your tripod on the choir aisle next to the piano.. This gives you a front view of the couple. The pastor will help you set your camera so that you can see the couple.

3.  You are not to move into the choir loft.

4.  An audio composite of the wedding ceremony is broadcast live @ 75.500mhz.

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